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The wineyard of Clos Süttö can be traced back to 1882 when the cellar was built. Since then it has changed owners quite a few times.

The new winery was built upfront the cellar in 1976. At that time a small wooden week-end house was built on the top of the winery. The purpose of this wooden house was to enable the vintner to stay on his wineyard when constant presence is needed, as well as having a dry place where to rest.

We acquired this wineyard in 2000, as a result of getting into the business of winegrowing. Since then, the winery has been renovated, and electrical power has been installed. The renovation work will go on, as running water is expected to be installed and the wooden house will be replaced by a better construction.

Since the wineyard was acquired in 2000, several vintages have been produced:

  • The first one 2000 was a strictly red wine vintage. It is a quite dry red wine, with a nice fruity taste.
  • The later vintages (2001,2002 and 2003)  consist of red and white wine. They have a nice fruity note for both red and white wine. The red wine is quite dry, whereas the white wine is a lovely semi-dry wine.

In 2001, the winery was renovated to make it more comfortable and nicer. At the same time electricity was installed in all areas (winery, cellar and the wooden week-end house).

Since 2010, the old wooden house was teared down and replaced by a more modern house with 3 sleeping rooms and a bathroom on the second floor, the kitchen, a bathroom , the dining room and the living room on the first floor, and a garage and a big room on the ground floor.

Electricity was installed as well as running water.

Nest step will be the heating and finishing the stairs.


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