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About the winetypes of Clos Süttö

Two different types of wine are made at Clos Süttö, red wine the favorite and white wine.

Red wine

The red wine is made mainly from Zweigelt and Otello.

Zweigelt is a cross-breeding between Kékfrankos and St Laurent. Wines made from Zweigelt distinguish themselves by a fruity bouquet, a velvety body and a concise cherry taste.
Kékfrankos has dark berries and a dry fruity taste. Kékfrankos gives concise many-facetted wines.
St Laurent is a grape that is less demanding regardig the soil. It garanties better productivity and can give a delicate dry a fruity wine.
Further information concerning the Otello grape will be available soon.

White wine

The white wine is a mix of several grapes. In the future as vine needs to be replaced, the sorts will be reduced to two or three. We are just in the mid of the selection process, and therefore no further information is available at this stage.

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