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How Clos Süttö is made

The wineyard needs to be tended, sprayed throughout the whole year to reduce the risk of having any disease destructive weeds spreading around. Tending the winestocks is an intensive work very important for the quality of the wine at the end.

When the grapes have reach maturity, which is controlled by tasting them. This is most of the time in September. Depending on the amount of sun during the summer it can take until October for the grapes to be mature enough for the harvest.

Then it is time to harvest. This is the most demanding part. It takes time and a lot of hard work. It is also quite demanding for the back of the harvester, being bent the whole day, and carrying high loads of grapes to the winery.

The next step is the crushing of the grapes. This is still done manually at Clos Süttö wich is a particularity, giving the wine its inimitable taste. This is also a hard job, as the machines used are very heavy.

Then the result, which does not look quite tempting, is left to ferment and give the wine its particular red colour. No chemicals are used, it is only the colour of the skin of the grapes which gives the wine its colour. After the fermentation has begun, it takes about one week, the whole is put through the press and the wine is put in oak barrels for aging.

The wine is almost finished, free from any remaining of the grapes like skin or stakls. It will age several months in the barrels to get to maturity, and all the sugar being fermented into alcohol.

After the maturity of the wine has been reached, the wine is filled into the bottles. This is still occuring manually, no machines used. It takes time, but the result is worth it.

The last step remaining is then closing the bottles with the cork. Another manual step with traditional corks, no plastic or other modern caps are used.

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